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If you are looking for a great dentist for your kids and live in or work near Middletown NY, Dr. Dayna Olstein and her team at Orange County Pediatric Dentistry bring a welcoming and family atmosphere. Dr. Olstein has a heart for children and special needs. Her, along with her professional team, are trained specifically to deal with dental needs of kids, no matter what age.

Kids Dentist Middletown NY

The dental practice at Orange County Pediatric Dentistry has a clear mandate of professional, compassionate dentistry. Even though your children still have their “baby teeth” and those will eventually fall out, it is important to take them to a pediatric dentist to begin a good foundation for proper oral hygiene.

By bringing them Orange County Pediatric Dentistry, you can help prevent tooth decay, cavities, gum disease and more. We can take a look and make sure your child’s teeth and gums are developing correctly and they are free from any potential health issues. We recommend you bring your child to us after their first birthday or when they start developing teeth. This will help rule out any major problems and get them used to being around the dentist.

Orange County Pediatric Dental Provides:

  • Routine and diagnostic dental care for kids
  • Preventative dental care for kids
  • Restorative dental care for kids
  • Emergency dental care for kids

At Orange County Pediatric Dentistry, we aim at providing our patients with the best kids dentist care possible. With our caring staff and state of the art dental technology, years of education, and knowledge of the industry, our dentists have become one of the best in Middletown NY and all of Orange County NY. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Dayna Olstein and the team at Orange County Pediatric Dentistry are the expert dentist for kids. If you have any questions pertaining to routine kid dental check ups, preventative dental care for kids, restorative dental care for kids and dental emergencies for kids in Orange County NY, Monroe NY, 10950 zip code area, Goshen NY, Woodbury NY, Florida NY and Middletown NY or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Olstein, contact Orange County Pediatric Dentistry at: (845) 928-2205.