STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) aka “The Wand”

We at Orange County Pediatric Dentistry want your child’s dental experience to be as comfortable as possible for both of you. As a result, we are constantly implementing new technologies to help meet our goals. In order to provide your child with a pain-free treatment, we administer tooth numbing/local anesthesia. Traditional local anesthesia is administered with a needle. This type of anesthesia numbs the entire area around the tooth including lips and gums. Post-operative trauma from biting the lips or cheeks is a common occurrence with traditional anesthesia.

While some procedures may require traditional numbing techniques, others can use single-tooth anesthesia, or STA. STA is available in combination with nitrous oxide or as a stand-alone analgesic. STA is a computerized sensor-controlled local anesthesia delivery system that anesthetizes only the tooth being treated. A small probe is inserted between the tooth and the gum to deliver an intraligamentary “injection.”

Some STA/Wand benefits are listed below:

  • The need for the traditional dental syringe is eliminated, thus removing a common source of anxiety.
  • The precise control of the injection method makes the injection itself is less painful for the patient.
  • Only the tooth receiving treatment is anesthetized, eliminating post-procedure numbness and the potential for biting the lip or the cheek.
  • The anesthesia begins to work immediately. There is no wait time to allow the anesthesia to take effect.