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If you are looking for a teen dentist and live in the 10950 zip code, trust Dr. Dayna Olstein and the team at Orange County Pediatric Dentistry. For many people, a visit to a dentist can be time consuming, costly, and often leads to a diagnosis of more appointments and more expense. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long while, either because of the fear of a poor diagnosis, painful treatment, or the expense involved in dental care, you may be more open to the idea of conscientious dental health care and habits if you know what to expect during a typical dentist visit.

Teen Dentist Services in 10950 zip code, Monroe NY

•Dental Cleanings: Cleanings involve scaling (or scraping) the surface of the teeth of plaque and tartar, and then, a vigorous tooth polishing (like brushing, just better). Good dental health care starts with preventative dental health care. A regular schedule of dental cleanings with Orange County Pediatric Dentistry ensures that your teeth are being cleaned with a critical eye. Any small problems identified during a regular cleaning can be corrected quickly and easily, before they become big problems. Big problems mean big procedures with big bills. Stay ahead of tooth decay with a regular cleaning schedule.

•Examinations and Treatment: Regular examinations by Dr. Dayna Olstein will help identify any emerging or chronic issues and discuss with you a plan for treatment. You may need to have X-rays taken as part of your examination. Treatment by the team at Orange County Pediatric Dentistry may be covered by your insurance, and payments over the course of treatment, if necessary, can be part of your treatment plan.

•Procedures: Dr. Dayna Olstein and the team at Orange County Pediatric Dentistry in the 10950 zip code area know the patient experience while undergoing treatment. Comfort and trust between the patient and the doctor is key. Orange County Pediatric Dentistry is experienced in the latest methods of pain-free dentistry. Some patients prefer being treated while under sedation. Sedation dentistry is a method of treatment where the patient is administered a mild sedative before the procedure. Don’t let fear or stress be a reason you don’t visit the dentist.

•Checkups: Regular checkups to the dentist ensure that tooth decay or other dental problems are treated at the earliest possible opportunity. X-rays and cleanings help to reveal issues that may not be obvious in a visual examination. An appointment every three-to-six months is recommended to keep on top of your dental health care

Dr. Olstein and the team at Orange County Pediatric Dentistry is the best teen dentist in the 10950 zip code area. If you have any questions pertaining to restorative, preventative, routine and pediatric dental emergencies in Monroe NY, Hudson Valley NY, Goshen NY, Woodbury NY, Florida NY, Middletown NY and Orange County NY and or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Olstein contact Orange County Pediatric Dentistry at: (845) 928-2205